Two roads diverged in a wood, and I took the one less traveled by. Robert Frost describes in poetry the simple decisions we must make each day, with very little certainty as to where each pathway leads. Science leads us to view our world in terms of causality, and the physics of quantum mechanics demonstrates a contentedness in the universe yet fully understood. The TV series Touch pushes this concept further in the name of science fiction; yet the point is made quite apparent by this show’s plot-line. Whether we go left or right can make all the difference. Yet what shall we choose? Who shall we follow?

Abram chose to follow God in Genesis 12:1-4. It is precisely because he did not have all the answers when he risked this journey that we describe him as the father of faith. What if we were to imitate Abram in our own spiritual walk? Where could it lead us?

By listening to God’s call, Pastor Phil was led into a partnership that resulted in the formation of a new ministry called Rest in the Lord. Listen as he shares part of this journey as evidence that God is still leading today.

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