The Dortches Baptist Church Youth are teens who consider one another friends and support each other both inside and outside of our church walls.  They are on a journey together in living the faith as a young person.  They share their struggles with each other, as well as celebrate life’s great moments together.


Visit the  DBC Youth Facebook Page to keep up with what the youth are doing.


Through our exciting youth program, we aim to accomplish three goals:

  1. Fun
  2. Bible Study
  3. Faith in Action (Missions)

Jesus wanted to teach people about the Kingdom of God, but he healed and fed people first. He met their needs before he ever tried to teach them. We realize that we will never have the opportunity to teach and explore faith issues with your child unless we first meet their needs by making it fun.

In the midst of the fun, the youth grow closer in their bond with other Christian friends. Of course, we try to sneak in a lesson and seize upon teachable moments every opportunity that fits. In addition to studying the Bible, the youth are also encouraged to put their faith in action by leading a Christian lifestyle that is mindful of God’s mission and participating in group mission projects throughout the year.

At Dortches Baptist Church, there is always something fun for the youth!


Once a Week – Once a Month – Once a Quarter.


Once a Week: 

We strive to provide weekly programs that are exciting and uplifting. Each week our Youth are encouraged to participate in Sunday School and Worship, as well as gather for youth meetings on Wednesday at 6:30 P.M.


Once a Month: 

Once a month, our youth have even more fun during Bible Study on Sunday mornings by gathering for “Biscuits & Bible Study.” The youth go off campus to local fast-food restaurants to enjoy food & fellowship. A devotion is led by one of our volunteer youth leaders during the meal, which also serves as outreach as we make our church’s ministry known to the greater community.

Also, once a month, we try to plan a special outing or activity, such as bowling, attending sporting events, going to amusement parks, and other festivals.


Once a Quarter: 

At least once a quarter, we plan an even larger event for our youth. These include summer camp, Vacation Bible School, and participation in our Christmas Program. We have held corn-hole tournaments, and have plans for special events like a chili cook-off and a video game tournament, which are not only fun, but also help our youth raise money.


Our Leaders

Our youth are led by committed church volunteers within our church who have experience raising children and teens themselves. Pastor Phil has been known to get in on the fun as well! They say it takes a village, so each member of our church is part of the vital role of mentoring the next generation. We hope that our parents will find support as well through the fellowship and shared leadership at our church.