Rest in the Lord


Ministry Total: Rest in the Lord has distributed 244 mattress to qualifying recipients. May God bless them


What is Rest in the Lord?

Rest in the Lord is a ministry project of Dortches Baptist Church to provide quality mattresses to those in need. We are currently seeking donations to provide mattresses for Hurricane Florence victims in North Carolina.


Why Mattresses?

Everybody deserves a good night’s sleep. Sleep is essential to physical, mental, and psychological health. The Bible is clear that Sabbath rest is essential to spiritual health as well. We read in Mark 4 that in the midst of a storm, the disciples found Jesus in the stern of the boat asleep on a cushion. Even in the midst of the storms in life, in Jesus we can find peace and rest. Rest in the Lord is a ministry designed to give the gift of a good night’s sleep to those who need it most by providing a “cushion.”

Mattresses offer accountability. If you give cash or gift cards, you have no way of knowing if your contribution went towards the intended purpose. It is a lot harder to misuse a donated mattress, so donors can rest assured they are making a real difference.

Mattresses are a big ticket item that must be purchased new. Also, when moisture is present in the home, mattresses should be discarded as they breed microbial life and are difficult to clean. Those who have lost everything can accept many donated items that are used and can be safely washed, such as clothing. However, most thrift stores and charitable organizations will not even accept the donation of a used mattress due to health hazards. This ministry is designed to safely provide a quality mattress to those in need.



How did this ministry get started?

In 2016, many were ravaged by a literal storm in their life, not far from our church. Hurricane Matthew pushed many out of their homes – especially in Tarboro, Princeville, and Edgecombe County. The return from this exile was a slow and tedious process for many. Upon reentering their home, many found all of their possessions ruined and covered in mold. Rest in the Lord is a ministry of Dortches Baptist Church that was started to come alongside those affected by the storm by providing mattresses, pillows, blankets, and sheets. It began with the donation of initial seed money that blossomed into a very concrete approach to make a difference (See Seeds of Ministry). The idea of supplying mattresses came directly out of the conversations and encounters we had ministering directly with flood victims in the wake of Hurricane Matthew (See Flood Relief Ministry Update: A Good Night’s Sleep).

In 2018, North Carolina was once again impacted by a vicious storm. Hurricane Florence unleashed its forces upon our coast, leaving many with nothing but shattered fragments of their former homes and possessions. Once again, Rest in the Lord heard the call. We are currently accepting donations and organizing shipments of mattresses to those areas affected. Because of the widespread damage and overwhelming numbers, we are developing a number of partners to expand operations. We now have partners with warehouses to serve as distribution points, and churches who are willing to help with deliveries in several affected towns and counties.


Where does Rest in the Lord get the mattresses?

One of the key components enabling us to create this ministry is the support of Southern Mattress Company ( The mattresses that we are able to provide are plush long-lasting quality mattresses that are hand made in our own area. Southern Mattress Company is offering us the best possible price by cutting out distribution costs, enabling us to maximize our ministry dollars and increase our reach. Also, by procuring mattresses locally, Rest in the Lord is contributing to the local economy as an added benefit.


How can I get involved?

If you would like to contribute further to keep the momentum of this life-touching ministry, contact Pastor Phil for giving opportunities.

If you know a flood victim in need of a mattress, please email contact information to or call us at 252-443-3936.

A FEMA case number is required for eligibility.


Listen to Pastor Phil talking about Rest in the Lord live on WHIG-TV on Oct. 9, 2018: