How did Rest in the Lord get it’s start?

By a few seeds of ministry from loving Christians like you!


Seeds of Ministry

Often times in ministry, God may open your eyes to a mission opportunity. The challenge then becomes creatively finding a way to fund this idea. Rest in the Lord happened the other way around.


First, Wakeminster Baptist Church (Raleigh, NC) sent our church funds to impact flood relief victims. Then, the Sedley Baptist Church Ladies Bible Class & the James Fox Class (Sedley, VA) also joined the effort to fund this unfolding work. It was only after we began building relationships with flood relief victims by addressing small needs that we discovered our greater calling to start the Rest in the Lord project. Already, with the initial funds we received, we are projected to distribute at least 20 mattresses to needy households.


If you would like to contribute further to keep the momentum of this life-touching ministry, contact Pastor Phil for giving opportunities.

If you know a flood victim in need of a mattress, please email contact information to or call us at 252-443-3936.

A FEMA case number is required for eligibility.