Rescheduled for January 24, 2016

After what has been a mild winter, temperatures have finally been dropping.  Your mother taught you to put on a jacket before you go out so you don’t “catch a cold.”  However, you cannot catch a cold from cold air.  The cold and flu are spread through contact with a virus instead.

However, a recent study has demonstrated that you can “catch cold,” meaning that we get colder when we see others shivering.  There is a proven physiological affect that takes place in the body when we observe even pictures and images of freezing people.  Our body temperature can actually drop in response.  It leads you to wonder what other aspects in life we can “catch” through proximity and observation.  What about sin?  What about hopelessness?  What contagions are we catching from our culture alone?

Those are just some of the questions that we will discuss this Sunday Night, January 24, 2016.  Join us for our evening service as we will listen to Bryan Williams explain about “catching cold” and discuss this topic as a group alongside reading from 1 Samuel 2:18-26.  The discussion at our Sunday evening services are prompted through a PowerPoint experience that includes graphics, bullet points, questions, and video clips.  Invite a friend!