What is CBFNC?

CBFNC stands for Cooperative Baptist Fellowship of North Carolina.  It is the volunteer gathering of Cooperative Baptist Fellowship (CBF) churches throughout our state.

Recent controversies in other Baptist churches in our area are leading to conversations in the community about what it means to be Baptist.  More frequently, I am approached with questions from people in the community who no longer feel at home with the Southern Baptist Convention.  Changes in the convention that date back to controversies starting in 80s and 90s reshaped the organization into something traditional Baptist no longer recognize.

Many in our community are not even aware that there is an alternative.  CBF was formed to be just such an alternative so that the good work that Baptist have historically done in advancing the Kingdom could continue in a spirit of cooperation rather than strife.

Dortches Baptist Church made the decision years ago to leave behind our SBC roots in favor of the cooperation that we discovered through CBF.  CBF churches believe in the four fragile freedoms of Soul Freedom, Church Freedom, Bible Freedom, and Religious Freedom.  Through the fellowship of CBF churches, we have found the freedom to be the kind of Baptist church God is calling us to be.

We are historic in our Baptist principles.  We are traditional in our worship.  At the same time, we are progressive in recognizing the need to acknowledge that men and women are created equal, which is why we equally ordain both men and women as deacons in our church.

If you want to find out more about CBFNC and CBF, I encourage you to attend this Sunday Night, April 17, 2016, at 5:00 P.M. as I will be showing a recap video of my recent experiences at the CBFNC General Assembly last month.  Invite a friend!

Pastor Phil