Baptist Men

The Men’s Brotherhood of Dortches Baptist Church is a very active part of our Church’s ministry. This Brotherhood inspires men both young and old to be better Christians, discover where they fit in God’s will, and enact on God’s mission to the broken world through hands-on mission projects throughout the year.

One very visible activity that it provides is a prayer breakfast held the 1st Sunday morning of each month. We invite all, both men and women, to attend breakfast. After the meal, the Men’s Brotherhood director gives a brief program and update on current ministries and projects.

Another regular activity of the men’s brotherhood is the annual NC Baptist Men’s Sunday services held once each year. On this day, we give our Pastor an opportunity to rest from his preaching for a week and the brotherhood organizes special services for both the morning and evening worship. These services vary from year to year.

Dortches Baptist Church’s Brotherhood partners with the North Carolina Baptist Men, Baptist on Mission. The North Carolina Baptist Men also offer opportunities for us to assist in various mission projects. Through their mailings, we are notified of all the scheduled projects they have planned and the various activities needed to support each project. They also provide opportunities to help in impromptu projects arising from natural disasters such as hurricanes, tornados, floods, etc. See below for a video of how Baptist on Mission are making a difference.

For more information, contact Lester Ellen, current president of the DBC Men’s Brotherhood or any of the Church leadership.