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Young Adults

The Community Builders Sunday School Class is comprised of young parents and young adults who are passionate about Christ and Christ’s mission.  The members of this class seek to transform our community through developing personal character and reaching out to those we encounter in our every day routines, including work, school, shopping, or working out at the gym.

Our young adults actively attend our worship services as well:

For the corporate worship experience, attend our 10:30 a.m. worship hour for great music, prayer, and relevant preaching.  Pastor Rick uses a variety of preaching styles to captivate the congregation’s attention through worship, including traditional sermons and narrative preaching.

Wednesday at 5:30 we serve supper for those that would like to sign up to eat.  Worship at 6:30 p.m. for a more interactive experience.  Our Wednesday Worship service includes a PowerPoint presentation of the scriptural teaching.  Open discussion is encouraged as we review current movie clips, custom video clips, Christian media, and reflective contemporary Christian music videos.  The format is less formal and more casual.  Participants leave feeling like they have been engaged in a group conversation rather than passively witnessing a worship hour.

For more details about our worship times, visit Service Times.