When Jesus appeared to his disciples, they though they were seeing a ghost. We read in Luke 24 that Jesus ate a piece of broiled fish to set them at ease. Jesus is risen! Amazingly, he can enter locked rooms. Something is different. Although, he can still eat a meal with his disciples. Much is the same.

As we look to the resurrection of our own church coming out of a pandemic, we will experience the same. Some things will be different. But the Good News of Jesus Christ remains the same.

As we think about our church’s impact on the community, join me in prayer this Wednesday at 7:00 PM, as we pray for how we can make Christ known to the Dortches community. Pray at home or come and pray out loud and proud in our small dining room at that time.

Hear more in our worship video, entitle, “Let’s Eat.” Special Music by the Mixed Quartet.