Homecoming was great today.  Guest pastor Rev. Stanley Brown knocked it out of the park with his inspirational message that forced us to consider where we have come from, where we are today, and where we are heading in the future.  Just as birds migrate and are sent south for the winter, so are we sent on a mission.

The choir led us to worship with song.  The special music caused us to think about the generations.  The music today was enhanced by special guest musicians Alan Brown on the organ and Ivey Powell on trumpet.  Natalie Brown joyfully accompanied on the piano, which was a special honor leading to the message delivered by her father.

Our service began today in a special way with a video after the welcome that told the story of Dortches Baptist Church: Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow.  The story of our church’s roots was told through narration and pictures, as well as video clips by Milton Griffin and Marjorie Smith.  This video is now available for viewing on YouTube and below:

After our worship service, our church enjoyed food and fellowship in the family life center.  We broke out the real china for this event!  The family life center was decorated with table cloths and centerpieces.  Not one, but two full length rows of tables were required to hold the feast.  If you left hungry, it’s because you had to leave early.

Thank you to everyone who made this year’s Homecoming such a special occasion.  We welcome those who visited to join us for worship again in the future.