Many this year have emphasized remembering to put Christ in Christmas. Rightly so! Although, we may also need to remember to put mas in Christmas. The word Christmas is a shortened version of Christ Mass – the traditional worship service associated with Christ’s birth instituted by the Catholic church. Since then, Christmas has remained an annual recognition by almost all denominations. But let us remember, the earliest Christmas tradition is celebrated not around a Christmas tree, but in a sanctuary.

Join us this Christmas at Dortches Baptist Church for worship.

We have simplified our worship gathering so that you can spend time with both your church family and your family at home. We will not have Sunday School. Additionally, our worship hour has been moved to 10:00 AM instead of 11:00 AM. Come hear the story of the birth of Christ as we celebrate the coming of our Lord.


Christmas Morning Worship Schedule
No Sunday School
10 AM Worship