The smell of plastic drop cloths and latex paint waif in the air, as I stand in the doorway, already fixing the screen door to stay open. “Hi, I’m Pastor Phil. I’m here with Rest in the Lord to deliver your mattress.” Inside, my eyes meet clean walls freshly painted in Navajo white. The brand new laminate floors are protected with brown paper strips that give the illusion that a red carpet has been rolled out in anticipation of our arrival. Our paper escort points to the bedroom where the new mattress and box springs will find their future home.

“Were you living here when Hurricane Matthew came through?”


“And you are just now moving back in?”


It’s hard to believe that a year and four months later, and people are still just now moving back in. But that is the reality for many residents in Princeville, North Carolina. First devastated by Hurricane Floyd in 1999, and then hit hard by Hurricane Matthew in 2016, you can see the defeat in their faces. Rest in the Lord is bringing hope in the midst of this storm. Over a year later, our presence is a reminder that they have not been forgotten.

This was house number fifty – our 50th mattress delivery. What a stark reminder that the need for this ministry continues!

After having a brief prayer, I was able to explain our scriptural motivation for this ministry. “Do you remember the story in Mark chapter four, when the disciples found themselves in a terrible storm? Do you remember where they found Jesus? They found him in the stern of the boat sleeping on a cushion. Jesus was able to find peace and rest, even in the midst of a storm. We wanted to provide you with a cushion so that you could find the same peace and rest in the midst of the storm you have been through.”

“Thank you, Jesus! God bless you.”

I cheated. I didn’t just help her. I was rewarded too. There is no way to exaggerate the good feeling that comes from being a part of such a concrete ministry that is making a real difference. You can be a part of it too. Simply donate towards our delivery of the next 50 mattresses!






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