“We’ll See” – A Fictive Conversation Between Joseph and His Divorce Attorney


Joseph is given very little voice in scripture; yet we know that he was more than a silent partner in the Christmas story. His emotions must have run the full gamut as he processed the implications of Mary’s pregnancy and the angel’s pronouncement in his sleep.

In this video, listen as Pastor Phil sets these emotions to words as this story portrays a fictive conversation between Joseph and his divorce attorney. The voice of the divorce attorney is set to the lips of Gamaliel, a real Biblical character found in the book of Acts, known to have trained the Apostle Paul in law. However, there is no scriptural indication that he ever had any dealings with Joseph. That much of this story is imagined. However, the effects of this work of inspired fiction bring this Bible story to life so that Christmas may be experienced anew.

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Background Scriptures for Further Reading: