Have you ever been rejected…mistreated…judged before you ever had a chance to speak?

How did it make you feel?

Did it make you want to shout?

Did it make you want to scream?

Did it make you want to call down fire from heaven!

We live in a world where hatred, racism, sexism, and bigotry seem to be gaining popularity instead of being transformed by the equalizing power of Christ’s spirit. The #blacklivesmatter movement demonstrates that the battle for civil rights is not over. The recent shooting in Orlando has sparked hateful statements (even by men of the cloth) against both the Muslim and LGBTQ communities. The problems in our world are apparent. Does the Bible have a word for us today?

Listen as Pastor Phil reflects on the tensions that existed between Samaritans and Jews at the time of Christ. The disciples experienced prejudice and rejection first-hand in Samaria. The difference between how they responded and how Jesus reacted to the incident may surprise you.


Watch below: