This Thursday is Maundy Thursday.

Maundy Thursday remembers Jesus had his last meal with his disciples. It took place, not in church, but after an ordinary meal in an ordinary home. The power of communion is that God can take ordinary food and drink and transform it to a holy moment that connects us with Christ and each other.

Likewise, when the early church practiced communion in obedience to Christ, it took place in house churches and not institutional buildings. Members of the household would share the meal with one another. In a way, this pandemic has sent us back to our roots.

If you are a professing Christian, we invite you to worship with us through this video and have communion with your family. Before you begin, gather the nearest thing that you have to grape juice and bread and participate with us in sharing in the communion meal in remembrance of Jesus. Use what you have already on hand. The meaning behind the elements is more important than the recipe.