Our area is no stranger to the devastating aftermath left behind by the wake of a hurricane.

The citizens of Texas affected by Hurricane Harvey need our Christian outreach.

I encourage you to get involved two ways.

1. Pray: Pray for the residents who have experienced loss. Pray for the first-responders who are endagering their lives to save others. Pray for the organizations who are helping people begin the long and arduous journey of putting their lives back together. Pray that God will use CBF churches to meet tangible needs and be the presence of Christ to the broken.

2. Donate: The fastest way to get funds into the CBF Hurricane Harvey fund is to donate online via credit card. Click the link to be directed to CBF’s official Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund Donation Page.



NOTE: This Wednesday Only (9-13-17):

If you missed it last time we collected supplies for hurricane relief, you have another opportunity when you come to church this Wednesday, September 13, 2017.

The Hurricane Assistance for First Responders is being sponsored by the local police and fire departments to help those hit by recent hurricanes. The items being collected for first responders include baby formula, baby wipes, diapers, tooth brushes, tooth paste, men and women’s hygiene products, men and women’s socks, men and women’s undergarments, hand sanitizer, clothes of various sizes, and ready-to-eat canned items with pop-tops.

Conveniently drop off donations in the sanctuary at 6:30 PM when we worship. Andrew Brown will be picking up the donations this Thursday morning.

(We encourage you to stick around for our Bible Study as we discuss the women surrounding the birth of Moses with a presentation entitled, “Call the Midwife.” Visit link for more on this study: